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into oblivion. >> reporter: as they rallied on capitol hill, there was a blunt message for any republicans considering now taxes. >> you will be voted out as fast as you were voted in. >> reporter: a vote was cancelled after a congressional budget office found that they were off by 150 and. >> if i could get more, i would get more. at this hour, in my opinion, there is no ability to get more. >> and the plan is the best opportunity we have to hold the president's feet to the fire. >> reporter: and boehner is still trying to keep republicans on board with his plan andec vibe if it passes the house, senate democrats promise to defeat it. >> the speakers' plan is on life-support and it's time for him to pull the plug.
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>> reporter: the congressional budget office found the senate majority's leader plan cuts $2.2 trillion which he said stands in sharp contrast. >> don't anyone ever think we're going to be left with the plan. it's not a solution and that will not pass. every democratic senator will vote against it. i don't know how many more times we need to say that, that is true. >> reporter: as the white house is relegated to bystander status, the best the administration could do is to continue to urge both sides to come together. time's running out. we need to come together now. we have only, it's a matter of days before the august 2nd deadline. >> reporter: we'll figure john boehner's staff spent most of the day trying to find the $150 billion in cuts that they promised and their plan, the house vote is said to be be moving forward, brian,
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tomorrow. >> and tom fitzgerald tonight. joining us now about the debt ceiling talks is d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton. thank you for coming in as always. >> of course. >> and may be you can paint me in, i think, i don't know the vast majority, but i think a lot of people feel this is going to get done and that is just a matter of time. seems like a lot of hepy penny, the sky is falling in the meantime. do you get that sense that the american public is a little tired of the dramatics and wants this knocked out? >> sure. and the sky is falling. because i have -- to pass the deadline now and we're going to have to pass some short-term something or fix it in a few days and that is how close it's getting. i can't imagine why speaker boehner is supplying to his face when the president will veto the very bill he's spent the whole day working on and the senate majority leader said that it can not pass the senate
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and the senate major leader mr. reid has a better -- with more savings in here. >> that is the one-way is 9 right way kind of argument -- is the right way kind of argument, i understand. >> can you not work on this before the deadline? that is the problem. we, of course, are working with the president. you haven't heard any democrats say that there is anything he or she can't vote for. now you have the republicans saying that they will not vote for any spending and then you have a bunch of tea party people coming up to the hill today and the, what is happening right now as we speak is that republicans are raising their right hand not to the constitution but to the tea party. we don't do that. >> i think both sides are playing -- . >> wait a minute, when have you heard a democrat say i will not do any cuts or -- . >> harry reid just now said he will not vote for this plan not one democrat in the senate. >> harry reid has said, has a
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plan to that has nothing but cuts in it and no revenues in it. >> right. >> and that is everything that the republicans said they wanted. >> that is the other side of the argument. the democrats. whoa, and our camera is going crazy. our democrats are playing to their base and they're not going to vote for anything that boehner is suggesting. >> on the contrary. boehner is not suggesting as many cuts as reid is, and boehnev suggesting a bill that can't pass muster in the senate, so why go through the exercise? can't pass through a veto, why do it? why aren't they sitting down with harry reid and trying to figure it out? >> and lastly, you held a press conference today for -- what you call is to protest, you call it the strike against faa funding and furloughs. i'm curious as to why you're taking on that? >> guess what. the business has to go to on. there is work on the floor every day and yet, there are 90 thofaa and construction workers
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doing aspect and infrastructure who have been deliberately furloughed because the republicans have insisted for the first time ever on a controversial provision and a two-month extending that would have extended the fa bill edmunds for two months whole we try to work out our differences. why do that? why furlough people in the middle of the most fragile economy as it's coming back. affects 35 states. the reason i led the press conference is that it disproportionately affects the region, a quarter of the faa workers are in the region, we have one of the biggest airports construction projects at dulles in this region and already, we know that maryland and virginia and particular are likely to be affected by the debt ceiling debacles and they will certainly be affected, you will see it and i think the july unemployment figures if, indeed, the workers are out much longer. we have five days now and they're out of work, and the
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republicans are refusing to meet to try to fix yet. >> eleanor holmes norton, thank you for coming in and i hope things work out. soonerla than later, we would like on the outside looking in. thanks for coming in. the army general once accused of using soldiers to play mind gails on u.s. senators has been cleared. rather -- the u.s. senator, in fact. the defense department inspector general said the allegations against the lieutenant governor william caldwell wereup substantiated. the general was accused of improperly using soldiers trained in operations to influence the senators. thed where is to get more mean for the war in afghanistan. the claims were published in rolling stone magazine. soon, fbis in northern virginia will notice -- folks in northern virginia will notice more traffic. 6,000 workers are moving from crystal city to the mark center. the metro is taking steps to deal with the extra traffic and they will offer bus service between the pentagon and marc center. the new line will run every 10
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minutes during rush hour and every 15 during the offpeak hours. fairfax county police have released two now pictures of the suspected serial slasher. a man with a box cutter or knife is targeting young women in store. he distracts them and slashes the bottom before taking off. this is surveillance pictures from the marshal, at green briar shopping center where one of the attacks happened. the suspect struck at the fair oaks mall in tyson's corner center. if you recognize him, fairfax county police want to hear from you. a mount rainier police officer ordered to stay behind bars. the officer gene gillette is charged with attempted murder after setting up a sex trap and shot the victim. the shooting went down outside of the officer's home in anitol heights. it was reported as a car jacking. sherri ly is live with more. sherry is this. >> reporter: brian, the judge today denied bond to officer gene gillette as we learned. some new details about what happened in that shooting. prosecutors say this is not the first time that gillette has
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tried to lure a men to his home for sex have thors say gillette told police he was car jacked but the story did not add up. what really happened, prosecutors say, is that gillette lured the victim to his home on july 2nd to be in a porno movie. instead, tried to force him into sexual acts. the victim grabbed gillette's keys and tied to escape in his -- tried to escape in his truck and the officer got his glock, firing six times at the victim. the defense said that is not how it happened. the victim tried to rob the officer and steal his truck nearly crushing gillette against a wall. the officer claims he fired in self-defense and that anything that happened of about was conceptual. gillette is -- consensual. gillette is charged with 12 counts, including attempted murder that can carry a life sentence. in court, the prosecutor said
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there is evidence gillette has done this before and the investigation remained open. they ask if you have information, contact the state's attorneys office at gillette in his 3 1/2 years with mount rain ear police, was -- mount rainier police was awarded rookie-of-the-year and officer-of-the-year twice. the police captain and fellow officers, his mom, dad, sister, cousins and his rotc teacher showed up today in court to support him. but that was not enough to sway the judge and today, prosecutors made very clear he will not get any special treatment. that is the latest here in upper marlboro. back to you, brian. >> all right. >> a d.c. teenager is in custody charged with stabbing a man to deg. the officers were called to america boulevard on june 30th. they found leopard smith
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matthews dieing from the stab wounds. the police charged mason with the killing. prince georges county investigators are still collecting evident in this case and are asking anyone with information to come forward the. coming up, an important meeting for dominique strauss- kahn's accuser and could be the next chapter in the scandal surrounding rupert murdoch's media empire. who wants the u.s. attorney general to get involved. and i hope you were able to notice and absorb the lower humidity. the dew point 52 degrees at 6:00. the temperatures up into the low 90s. you know what? they're going to be making a comeback. heat and humidity. i will let you know how high it's going to go and we'll talk about tropical storm don next. 
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>> she's been talking to the media and now the hotel maid is accused -- accused the former imf chief of rape. diallo met with the manhattan district attorney this morning. the d.a.'s admitted that --
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lied and cred built problems. she claims she sexually assaulted her when she arrived to clean his room and he's denied the charges. some families of 9/11 victims are calling on the justice department to investigate rupert murdock. they want to find out if the reporters from the now defunct news of the world hacked into the phones of the family members of 9/11 victims. a london tabloid claims the new york police officer was contacted by the paper at the time to get the phone records. the tabloid story said they ordered to pay the officer. and that is no indication the phone-hacking scandal made its way to the united states. and they say 9/11 changed their lives forever. >> and that changed my whole life. my whole perspective and i don't think i would be the way i am today. if this didn't happen to me. >> and coming up, the emotional stories frto cope after losing one to terror. 
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>> tonight, a powerful story about the victims of terror. not just here in the united states but all over the world. and fox 5s beth parker spent the day with then. >> reporter: franchesca turned 9, the apple of her father's eye. >> and he was the best dad ever. the princess. >> the fairy tale ended on 9/11. franchesca's dead worked in the world trade center and didn't -- . >> changed my whole life and perspective. i don't think i would be the way i am today if it was enough for me. i would be a completely different person. >> reporter: and she would certainly not be sitting here. >> and that is -- from the united states. >> reporter: on a panel at fox crop school in middleburgh, virginia. the school is hosting a camp called project -- and the young people here are connected at this table.
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each one lost a close family member to terrorism. >> i miss the most amazing friend that i have ever made in my life and these people are truly understanding and they know how i feel. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> reporter: they danced, create art work and talk about fining peace in a divided world. >> and i want to say the most friend that i had. >> these young people who were through search new face another challenge. -- so much, face another challenge. fining a way to take what they talked about here to their own communities and say that there that is the most difficult part of all of this and also the most important. >> what i -- take away from this, if you focus on the similarities. and try the ignore the differences and they're so much more than the differences and there is hope for a better tomorrow. and i find all of this together, we have this win our
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-- and so much strength and dignity and i really need it that well, the global leaders here. >> and we can go into the world and cherish the strength and others who are not necessarily the ones in dire need anymore. we have been there and we're all coming together and we're fighting back and we'retriing to -- . >> and to -- we're trying to help others in conflict and help others to understand that it can be a better world. >> reporter: in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. and we're cranking it up. >> you have to admit it was better. >> it was $100 degrees in my car. what about you? >> the car thermometers are killing us. the humidity, though, way, way down and some blue skies, exhibit a for that and we got to 91 degrees and that is all hotter and perhaps that picks up on some of that, too. i wish i could tell you we have some cooler air coming.
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we don't, the humidity is going to make a comeback and while it was very comfortable today, unusual to have the dew points in the low 50s for july and as know, we're going to see them climbing tomorrow. the temperatures still 92 degrees, though, 89 at quantico and 86 for gaithersburg and 93 for frederick. now, there is still the core of the intense heat to the west and i wanted you to see that dallas again, 104 degrees today on top of the terrible heat. texas had an awful drought and they might be getting help in that department from the tropics. wichita, 110 degrees; st. louis, 99 degrees and lots of hot stuff in the middle part of the country. that is where our heat dome from last week migrated back to around our region. comfortable, a complex of thunderstorms to the west and some clouds from that and that is all. we're probably not going to get showers out of it. lots of good, deep moisture across the south and that doesn't apply to texas where they continue to see the drought. today, a disturbance we're watching in the caribbean for
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awhile became a depression and then quickly, tropical storm don and this is yet in motion and with the the cloud cover and also beginning to get a bit more organized looking. these are very warm waters in the gulf of mexico and we think tropical storm don is going to strengthen a bit and it has winds of 40 miles per hour and is going to move to the west- northwest at 11 miles per hour and let me show you the track that it looks like it's going to take and if that stays nice and weak, the folks in texas will rejoice. it should bring copious rain and we need it. we're concerned it's about 50 miles per hour and as it makes landfall and the tropical storm, winds of 40 and i can still do damage, against some torn autos with it that brings landfall and some should bring in rain to texas. they will need it. they have been urn the heat dome for a long -- been under a heat dome for a long time. this is pushing to us and that
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begins tomorrow. the heat and humidity is rising. friday looks like the hottest day this week and for tonight, some passing clouds, upper 60s in the suburbs and 75 degrees downtown. tomorrow, back up to 94 and you will feel it. the height will climb and the hot, south wind at 5 to 15 miles per hour and at eight in the morning, 78, and by 5:00, up to 92 and looks like we're going to roll through tomorrow on the dry side. no thunderstorms expected. could be some storms around on friday and what i want you to notice is friday's temperature gets up to 99 and that could feel as hot as 105. could challenge some records. the spotty storms around on saturday and sunday and by the time we get to sunday, the temperatures are backing off a bit and monday's temperature about 91 degrees. >> and that is knee. >> august is around the corner. has to be cool jeer. and a couple of weeks -- cooler. >> and a couple of weeks into the record books. how close is donovan mcnabb
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in d.c.? dave feldman joins us live next. and the guy that is best known for his rap about the mean streets of arlington, virginia, back with another one. the new video raise the debt ceiling, comedienne remi is shown all over up to rapping from everything from sipping crystal and quantitative easing. take a look. 
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>> greetings from redskins park, everybody. i'm dave feldman live in ashburn, virginia and training camp is underway tomorrow. for real, and that is almost a done deal. they agreed to hip shim -- ship him to minnesota in exchange for a 2012 sixth-round pick and he would have to agree to a
6:25 pm
major pay cut and he's going to go go to the great north. they would give the veteran quarterback, while it they groom, first off, pick kristen ponder. excited to have mcnabb join and we'll learn a lot and that does not mean i'm fighting and with that battle for the skins wide open, according to mike sellers, that is just fine. >> and as long as we win games, i don't care who is throwing the ball, you know. you want to stay around here and you have to within games, you, whether it's diamondbacks, or somebody else, you know, and you never know. okay? >> the redskins have 49 wide rivers unofficially right now in camp and re-signed santana moss yesterday and signed dante stallworth and stokeley to one- year deals and that was not the only moves we made in regards to a wide river. they traded up for season wide
6:26 pm
river jabar gaffney and comes from denver. the 30-year-old has 375 receptions over mop error error nfl seasons with houston, new england, and denver. coming off of the two best seasons of his career, including 65 catches for 875 yards with the broncos last season. as far as the defensive side of the ball, the skins have made a move with the nfc east, nabbing the defensive tackle barry cofeel from the new york giants and spent five seasons in new york. cofield reportedly agreed to a six-year, $36 million deal with washington and he would have to paycheck the -- make the transition to nose tackle in the three, four defense. remember, none of these deals are official until friday at 6:00 p.m. and eastern time. that is when they can be announced and we'll be here live making the announcements, too. and let's go to baseball. you know about bryce harper, you know how good he is. he's had growing pains since make the jump from low a-ball and this afternoon in bowie, no growing pains. the old harper was back.
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and with the first double-a home run of the season. a solo shot to right center. the 15th homer of the year, and part of the three to four day at the plate. harper -- .250 for the senators. that is wrapping it up from here in ashburn. jason will join us and we'll go over what the trades and acquisitions mean and if they're good. a lot of people are saying the washington redskins have not made enough moves. we'll do that and jason will join me and lindsay muffy tonight at 10 and 11. live from ashburn, virginia, brian, back to you. >> and we'll see you guys then. now you have the news edge. the news is all on we're back here at 10. the news edge at 11. as all, see you then. 
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